"Western Organic Wasabi & Sustainable Agriculture"

Welcome to W.O.W.S.A.!

               Organic "Sawa" Wasabi

W.O.W.S.A. Farm is an "Off-grid", "Organic" farm located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. W.O.W.S.A stands for "Western Organic Wasabi and Sustainable Agriculture" and that is what we are all about!  We are utilizing sustainable farming techniques, organic farming practices and we are working toward a completely sustainable farm in order to provide our customers with a product packed with the vitamins and nutrients that are key to healthy life. Instead of using a bunch of pesticides and insecticides on our crops, we use mother natures power such as essential oils, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and our adorable flock of ducks to control pests.  Our motto is:

 "If you wouldn't put it in your mouth, why would you put it on the food you eat?"

This way of thinking and farming is extremely conducive to CrossFit, the Paleo Diet, the Local Food and wholefoods movements, and everyone else that enjoys eating the freshest, healthiest food possible. We believe that the best food is our organic produce and other local organic food such as from the farmers market.  We deliver locally so in case you missed the farmers market or don't want to deal with all the lines and people at the farmers market, you can count on us. Please contact us or visit our eBay Store today!

     So what is wasabi? Wasabi is the inspiration of the Edo sushi movement. It is a staple in traditional Japanese society and it has been a medicinal herb used to "kill colds" for thousands of years. It is a very important plant to our world and we grow our wasabi 100% aquatically in natural flowing spring water. Whether you are into Wasabi for its health benefits as a medicinal herb, or you enjoy it for it rare and fantastic flavors, WOW (Western Organic Wasabi) is for you! The only problem is that no matter how much sushi you eat, how many sushi menus you see, you probably won't ever have a chance to have real wasabi.  That's right, most sushi menus don't have wasabi and they might offer some powdered stuff and tell you it is wasabi but it isn't. Want to have wasabi on your sushi menu? Add W.O.W. to your sushi menu and enjoy a unparalleled rarity!

     Even though our name makes it sound like Wasabi is our main crop, it is actually one of our farms newest. We grow a variety of other organic produce however we enjoy unique things and along with our Organic Wasabi we grow several varieties of Japanese squash, yellow watermelon, several varieties of beans, okra, Jerusalem artichokes, beets, radish, eggplant, hardy kiwi, and pretty much everything that is interesting or unique is always a possibility!

     We love our ducks and they play a big part in the "sustainable" cycle.  We have French White Muscovy meat birds, and we have also started our own flock of critically endangered Ancona ducks!  There numbers are low enough that they are considered a "critically endangered species" by the American Livestock Breeds Coserveancy. They are a beautiful animal and do a great job at eating snails and slugs and other garden pests as well as lay beautiful, delicious eggs. Please help us increase their numbers by taking part in our "adopting a duckling" program. You will get to name it and then follow along on its life Journey with regular updates and pictures on our facebook page as it does everything it can to multiply and save its species from extinction!  They are a very worth wile contribution to our world. More information about the "adopt a duck" program *coming soon CLICK HERE!

Wowsa Farm
P.O. Box 151
Sugar Grove,  NC  28679
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